Implementation effect
Implementation experience
18 project cities
including Moscow, Nur-Sultan, Voronezh, Saint Petersburg
  • Flexible fare settings, including dynamic billing
  • Instant payment for parking, including via Apple Pay and Google Pay
  • Centralized accounting and reconciliation of parking fees from different payment services
  • Interaction with the privileged permits registry
  • Aggregation of data on parked cars from photo/video registration devices
  • Data exchange with the relevant systems of state bodies, payment systems and mobile commerce
  • Parking occupation status displayed online in the app and on the website
  • Generation of financial and statistical reports
  • Integration with municipal and commercial parking lots and towing services
a website for informing users and communicating with them
  • Web portal
a convenient solution for finding parking spots in the city and paying for using them
  • Mobile app
software for the control and efficient management of the urban parking space
  • City Parking automated system «Gorparkovki»
Improved road safety
Increased parking space
Improved access to core socially significant facilities
Reduced private
vehicle flow
Reduced volume
of exhaust gases
Income for the
municipal budget
Implementation effect
  • Parking violation registering
  • Control of parking sessions in urban paid parking lots
  • Online data on parking lot occupation status
  • Collecting statistics on parked vehicles for the intelligent transport infrastructure
  • Traffic flow monitoring
  • Registering 28 types of traffic violations
  • Traffic digitalization for the intelligent transport infrastructure
  • Providing data for vehicle search
  • Onboard calculation
  • Automated license plate number recognition
  • Vehicle speed control by radar and non-radar methods
  • Automatic vehicle checking against external databases
  • Recording of moving vehicles in the control area and saving the footage in the archive
Implementation experience
20 cities
Including Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Voronezh, Belgorod, Tashkent
speeding violation detection by radar and non-radar methods
  • VZOR
traffic flow monitoring and traffic violation recording
parking violation monitoring and detection
  • SOVA-М
Hardware/software packages
Increased income for the regional budget
Improved road safety
Traffic digitalization for the intelligent transport infrastructure
Traffic flow statistics collection and analysis
Increased average speed of vehicles
Reduced number of accidents
Implementation effect

  • Detection of weight/dimension limit violations
  • Integration with any photo/video recording and weighing/measuring systems
  • Predicting the need for service
  • Route control
  • Control point bypass detection
  • Automated detection of vehicles with hidden license plates
  • Weighting and measuring vehicles at full speed
  • Collection of complete and reliable statistics on truck passes
  • Automated violation processing
  • Automated data transfer to external information systems
Implementation experience
in 8 regions
in the Voronezh and Belgorod regions
Turnkey implementation of software and hardware solutions for automatic vehicle weight control; subsystems for measurement quality control, issuing special permits, and collecting traffic statistics may be integrated.
Reduced number of weight/dimension limit violations
Maintained average traffic flow speed
Reduced road maintenance and repair costs
Analysis of vehicle parameters measurement accuracy

Increased income from fines
  • Software
automated systems for data collection, processing and analysis, and urban/regional transport system management
  • Hardware
a suite of products for control and monitoring of traffic flows and pedestrians, as well as for big data generation
Implementation effect
  • Collection and analysis of data on the urban transportation system
  • Prompt vehicle search and tracking
  • Traffic flow monitoring and traffic violation detecting
  • Automated traffic violation footage processing, ruling issuance
  • Traffic camera effectiveness monitoring and evaluation
  • Urban parking lot monitoring and management
  • Weather monitoring and forecasting
  • Environmental control
  • Monitoring and detection of violations by trucks
  • Special permit issuance

Implementation experience
3 projects
in Belgorod, Tula, and Vologda Regions

Ensuring road safety
Environmental control
Increased average speed of vehicles
Regional transportation system digitalization
Increased user comfort
Increased passenger turnover
Implementation effect
  • Digital intersection control
  • Dangerous road section identification
  • Centralized road infrastructure management
  • Traffic flow monitoring
  • Synchronization, management and administration of peripherals operating in different modes
  • Network control and adaptive selection of signal programs
  • Shared remote control of phases and signal programs
  • Stored database of adaptive feature analysis, including public transport interventions
  • Uploading signal programs to the road controllers for uninterrupted operation of the system in case of a broken communication line or control center failure
  • Selection of programs and scenarios using calendar automation
Implementation experience
  • Detectors
control of traffic lights and intersections
  • Controllers
vehicle recognition and traffic flow control
  • Software
traffic control, processing and storage of data on traffic parameters
Reduced transport access time
Reduced transport infrastructure maintenance cost
Improved safety of road users
Increased traffic flow capacity
Increased comfort when driving around the city
  • Software
An automated system for weather monitoring and forecasting, environmental control
Implementation effect
  • Weather data viewing
  • Road surface condition monitoring
  • Weather station setting management
  • Weather change forecast
  • Atmosphere dew point and black ice forecast
  • Environmental control
  • Offering road surface maintenance recommendations
  • Integration with a variety of weather station models
  • Data export for transfer to other systems
Implementation experience
Belgorod, Vologda

Increased road user safety
Increased road maintenance service efficiency
Current environmental status retrieval
Current weather status retrieval
ITS data digitization
Implementation effect
  • Face and silhouette recognition
  • Travel route tracking
  • Recording events and activities by groups of people
  • Illegal actions detection
  • Analytical and statistical data collection
  • Sound detection and identification
  • WiFi and Bluetooth MAC address detection
  • Informing on available services in a variety of languages
  • Pedestrian flow control
with Face ID
  • Video, audio and MAC monitoring
to detect WiFi and Bluetooth MAC addresses
  • Informing residents and visitors to the city
via interactive touchscreens
Implementation experience
Improved safety of road users
Passenger flow optimization
Optimized missing people search process
City services optimization
Increased growth of small and medium-sized businesses
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